Brunswick Bookland Circa 2002 - 2008

For a number of years this was the Brunswick Bookland website serving customers in the greater Brunswick area and mid-coast Maine.
Content is from the site's 2002 - 2008 archived pages.

Content is from the site's 2002 - 2008 archived pages.
We will miss you.

Brunswick Bookland

Brunswick Bookland Cooks Corner Shopping Center
8 Gurnet Rd.
Brunswick, ME 04011
207-725-2313 Phone
207-725-5293 Fax

Since January 2001, Brunswick Bookland has been serving customers in the greater Brunswick area and mid-coast Maine from its location in the Cooks Corner Shopping Center. We have a long-standing relationship with the community, and have been greatly rewarded by the experience. Our bookstore has a wonderful open space filled with books on every subject, one of the largest magazine sections in the area, and plenty of comfortable seating for our customers to relax on while browsing our bookstore. Customers can also enjoy lunch and dinner at the Hardcover Cafe, famous for its desserts and Sunday brunch.

Business & School Charge Accounts

Brunswick Bookland offers business', schools, libraries and non-profit groups the ability to set up a charge account to purchase materials for their use.

Business' who set up an account will enjoy a 20% discount on all merchandise (some restrictions may apply). If your business has tax-free status, we just need to register your number in our records. Invoices are payable within 30 days.

To sign-up, you must fill out a Brunswick Bookland Charge Account Sheet. Some of the things we'll ask you for are accounts payable contact person, billing address, phone number, and a copy of your tax exempt or blanket exempt certificate. We also need to know if your business will be using
purchase orders or not.

If you are using purchase orders, a copy of the purchase order must be present at the time of purchase. If you are not using purchase orders, we need a list of names authorized to use the account. It is the business' responsibility to update that list. We also need a letter, on company letterhead, stating that the business will honor any charges incurred by those individuals.

If your business is interested in setting up an account, please ask for Tina or Bertha.

Audio Rentals

Got a long commute? Brunswick Bookland has an extensive selection of books on tape available for rental! Rates as follow:
1 day= $1.00
3 days= $1.99
7 days= $3.99
14 days= $6.99

Used Books

Finished with the latest paperback bestseller or need to make room in your library for new ones? Brunswick Bookland has a solution for you! We have a used book resale program.

Here's how it works. Bring us one grocery-sized bag of your paperbacks (sorry, we don't accept hardcovers). The books must be in good shape, with no highlights, tears, or food stains. Unfortunately, we do not accept series romances, like Harlequinn. We will ask you for your name, address and phone number. We'll then ask you if you would like in-store credit or cash. In-store credit can be used on any merchandise in the store (this does not include the cafe). If you want credit, we'll give you 25% of the retail price of the books we decide to take. Example: $10.00 retail price=$2.50 toward credit. If you would like to know if we have a book you're looking for in our used section, please send an email to us.

We also offer cash back. If you choose cash, we'll give you 15% of the retail price. Example: $10.00 retail price=$1.50 toward credit. We'll then ask you if you want any of the books that we may not need returned to you, or donated to institutions such as Goodwill, local library sales, or literacy programs in the community. After we get this information, it will take us a week or two to process your books. We will then inform you by phone, card, or e-mail when your credit or cash is ready. You can then come to the information desk or register area to sign for and pick up your credit/cash slip. We do not mail them.

The credit slip has no expiration date, so use it at your leisure. However, we will not replace lost or stolen slips.

So, put those used paperbacks to good use and bring them to Brunswick Bookland!



What's Happening 2007

Meet Miriam Colwell

Miriam Colwell, author of Contentment Cove will be joining us at our Brunswick store on Friday, August 24th at 1:00pm to meet customers and sign copies of her novel. Written during the 1950s, Contentment Cove was unpublished, and Colwell filed it in the chicken house behind her home. Some fifty years later, while going through the contents of the chicken house she came across the novel, reread it, and got it published in 2006. Set in a Down East village, it centers on three very different women whose lives become entwined, leading to tragedy.

We invite everyone to join us on Friday, August 24th at 1:00pm at Brunswick Bookland to meet Miriam Colwell, and pick up a signed copy of this rare treat, Contentment Cove.

Homage to Classic Television

One of the most beloved programs in the history of television, the cop show Northie, has fallen into a ratings slump. Will it be cannibalized by unscrupulous studio executives for one last burst of high scores? Or will it be allowed to conclude its run in dignity? These are the questions faced by the protagonist Louie, now a television producer, in this third volume of Jeffrey Lewis's "Meritocracy Quartet". Yet Theme Song for an Old Show is about more than dirty business on television, it is an elegiac tribute to the medium.

We will be joined by Jeffrey Lewis on Sunday, September 9th at 1:00pm at Brunswick Bookland, where he will be signing copies of Theme Song for an Old Show. We invite everyone to join us for this special opportunity to meet the author and pick up a signed copy of his latest book.

Tess Gerritsen to sign

Tess Gerritsen will be visiting our Brunswick store on Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00pm to meet customers and sign copies of her latest thriller, The Bone Garden. Weaving two stories occuring a century apart, The Bone Garden features Dr. Maura Isles investigating the skull of a woman found at a construction site that shows signs of murder, and Oliver Wendell Holmes following a trail of murder in 1830 Boston.

We are always glad to welcome Tess Gerritsen to our store, and look forward to having you join us at Brunswick Bookland on Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00pm to meet the author and pick up your signed copy of The Bone Garden.

Signed Award-Winning Book Available

Congratulations to Cynthia Lord for winning a Newbery Honor from the American Library Association for Rules. The book also won the Schneider Family Book Award (Middle School Category) for its realistic depiction of 12-year-old Catherine's quest to find her place in a family consumed by her autistic brother David's needs.

As one of her Brunswick neighbors, we are pleased to offer signed copies of this award winning book for purchase through our website. Just click on the image or title to get to the order page. If you are interested in having the book personalized, just enter the name of the person it is for in the comments field, and Cynthia will be happy to oblige.



Featured Books 2005


February is Black History Month

Every February, Americans celebrate Black History Month. This tribute dates back to 1926 and is credited to a Harvard scholar named Carter G. Woodson. The son of former slaves, Woodson dedicated his life to ensuring that black history was accurately documented and disseminated.

In an effort to bring national attention to the contributions of black Americans, Woodson organized the first annual Negro History Week in 1926. He chose the second week of February in honor of the birthdays of pivotal black supporters Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

From Jackie Robinson to Tiger Woods, Harriet Tubman to Barack Obama, Black History Month pays tribute to inspirational African Americans from the past, as well as those who will continue to make history well into the future.

I'll Find a Way or Make One blends personal reflection, historical examination, photographs and plenty of detailed information covering all 108 historically black colleges and universities. Stories abound about the abolition of slavery. However, lesser known are the efforts -- both prior to and after the Civil War -- of African American and white abolitionists banding together to formally educate newly freed slaves. Through the tireless work of government organizations, black churches, missionary groups, and philanthropists, HBCUs were established. The tales of how these schools were created and of the individuals who are linked to the schools' histories are extraordinarily rich -- and sometimes controversial.

From Booker T. Washington to Maya Angelou, this compilation assembles actual recordings of speeches by the 20th century's leading African-American cultural, literary, and political figures. Two digitally remastered CDs are accompanied by a beautiful hardcover book containing 25 halftones. Say It Plain gives listeners and readers a portrait of how black Americans have sounded the charge against injustice, exhorting the country to live up to its democratic principles.

In 1925, Detroit was a smoky swirl of jazz and speakeasies, assembly lines and fistfights. Ossian Sweet, a proud Negro doctor--grandson of a slave--had made the long climb from the ghetto to a home of his own in a previously all-white neighborhood. Yet just after his arrival, a mob gathered outside his house; suddenly, shots rang out: Sweet, or one of his defenders, had accidentally killed one of the whites threatening their lives and homes. And so it began--a chain of events that brought America's greatest attorney, Clarence Darrow, into the fray and transformed Sweet into a controversial symbol of equality. Historian Kevin Boyle weaves the police investigation and courtroom drama of Sweet's murder trial into an unforgettable tapestry of narrative history that documents the volatile America of the 1920s and movingly recreates the Sweet family's journey from slavery through the Great Migration to the middle class. Ossian Sweet's story, so richly and poignantly captured here, is an epic tale of one man trapped by the battles of his era's changing times.


Celebrate TV Turnoff Week

The average American watches over 4 hours of TV per day but only spends 38.5 minutes per week having meaningful conversations with their children. Not to mention that 80% of Hollywood executives believe that there is a link between tv violence and real violence. Celebrate National TV Turnoff Week in your home by turning off the tv and picking up a book!

 Fans of Sue Monk Kidd's best-selling debut novel, The Secret Life of Bees, will be equally enamored with her beguiling sophomore effort, The Mermaid Chair, which revisits some of the terrain of its predecessor but in an altogether new context. Though the novel centers on a middle-aged woman rather than a young girl, it remains a coming-of-age story of sorts, and its themes of self-discovery, parental loss and the redeeming power of love echo those of Kidd's earlier work. This is the perfect book to read this week when you turn off your tv!


Retired Librarian puts Gardiner, Maine on the map!

In 1988 Glenna Nowell, a librarian in Gardiner, Maine, started the now famous Celebrity Reading List. Participating celebrities of the 2005 list range from Ralph Nader to Barry Zito to Mary Higgins Clark. Click the "more" link below to see what your favorite celebrity is reading...thank you, Glenna!


April showers April books!

When Arlene Fleet headed off to college in Chicago, she made three promises to God: She would never again lie, never fornicate outside of marriage, and never, ever go back to her tiny hometown of Possett, Alabama (the "fourth rack of Hell"). All God had to do in exchange was to make sure the body of high school quarterback Jim Beverly was never found. Ten years later, Arlene has kept her promises, but an old schoolmate has recently turned up asking questions. And now Arlene’s African American beau has given her a tough ultimatum: introduce him to her family, or he’s gone. As she prepares to confront guilt, discrimination, and a decade of deception, Arlene is about to discover just how far she will go to find redemption--and love. Don't miss Gods In Alambama.

In Lost in the Forest, Eva, the divorced and happily remarried mother of three, has finally put the disaster of her first marriage behind her and has even become good friends with her ex. Then her second husband is killed in a tragic accident, and the peace Eva has worked so hard to attain is instantly shattered as she succumbs to an overwhelming grief. Her middle child, Daisy, was extremely close to her stepfather and is emotionally paralyzed by the sudden turn of events, unable to process or even speak of her grief. While her older sister, Emily, pretty and popular, is able to reach outside the family for support, and her brother, Theo, is too young to understand what happened, Daisy feels utterly trapped by her own misery and abruptly embarks on an ill-advised affair with a much older, married man. In one of her shortest yet richest novels, Miller insightfully explores the shifting dynamics between parent and child, a married couple, ex-spouses, and siblings.


In the News

From the National Book Award-winning author Ha Jin comes a powerful, unflinching novel that opens a window on an unknown aspect of a little-known war--the experiences of Chinese POWs held by Americans during the Korean conflict--and paints an intimate story against a sweeping canvas of confrontation. Set in 1951 and based on historical accounts, War Trash takes the form of the memoir of Yu Yuan, a young Chinese army officer, a "volunteer" fighting unofficially in Korea when he is captured. Yu's fluency in English thrusts him into the role of unofficial interpreter in the psychological warfare--between the prisoners and their captors and between rival groups of prisoners--that defines the world of the POW camp. Yu's only allegiance is to his dream of returning home. But by the end of this unforgettable novel, the very concept of home will be more profoundly altered than Yu can even begin to imagine.


The Bard is Born

There are maybe a handfull of authors that have had as much an influence on literature, or that have accrued as much fame, as William Shakespeare. From raucous comedies such as Twelth Night, to epic tragedies such a Macbeth and Hamlet, all of Shakespeare's works are considered classics. They have been read, studies, mimicked, and even remade for centuries now, and even today, everyone recognizes his name. It should be no surprise then that his birthday is still celebrated every year by people across the world. Though the exact date of his birth is unknown, the celebration is held on April 23rd, and events will be held across the country to honor the Bard. If you have a favorite play by Shakespeare, pick it up on the 23rd to join in on the fun! It is the least we can do to honor a man who has provided us with some of the greatest stories ever written.


New from Jodi Picoult!

Delia Hopkins was six years old when her father allowed her to be his assistant in the amateur magic act he performed at the local senior center's annual Christmas pageant. "I learned a lot that night," recalls Delia, who is now 32, at the start of Picoult's absorbing new novel (her 12th, after My Sister's Keeper). "That people don't vanish into thin air...." She has come to know this even better as an adult: she makes her living finding missing people with her own search-and-rescue bloodhound. As she prepares for her wedding, however, Delia has a flash of memory that is so vivid yet so wildly out-of-place among the other memories from her idyllic New Hampshire upbringing that she describes it to a childhood friend, who happens to be a reporter. Soon, her whole world and the world of the widowed father she adores is turned upside down. Her marriage to her toddler's father, a loving but still struggling recovering alcoholic, is put on hold as she is forced to conduct a search-and-rescue mission on her own past and identity. It will cut to the heart of what she holds to be true and good. As in previous novels, Picoult creates compelling, three-dimensional characters who tell a story in alternating voices about what it might mean to be a good parent and a good person, to be true to ourselves and those we love. Picoult weaves together plot and characterization in a landscape that is fleshed out in rich, journalistic detail, so that readers will come away with intriguing questions rather than pat answers. Don't miss Vanishing Acts.

(Review from Publisher's Weekly)



Audio Books


Audio Rentals

Got a long drive ahead of you? Worried about getting stuck in traffic? Brunswick Bookland has your solution for commute-induced boredom! We have a large selection of audio books (CDs and cassettes) available for rental. You can rent brand new releases, or old, reliable classics. Fiction, Non-fiction, whatever your heart desires! And best of all, our rates are fantastic!


1 day= $1.00
3 days= $1.99
7 days= $3.99
14 days= $6.99


Thrill your ears with Robin Cook

Angela Dawson, M.D., appears to have it all at the age of thirty-seven in Robin Cook's latest medical thriller, Critical, with a controlling interest in three hospitals. But her climb to the top was rough, and now a surge of drug-resistant staph infections in all three hospitals devastates Angela's carefully constructed world. Not only do the infections result in patient deaths, but the fatalities also cause stock prices to tumble, leaving market analysts wondering if Angela will be able to hold her empire together.

New York City medical examiners Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton are naturally intrigued by the increase in staph-related post-procedure deaths. Aside from their own professional curiosity, there's a personal stake as well: Laurie and Jack are newly married, and Jack is facing surgery to repair a torn ligament at Angels Orthopedic Hospital. Despite Jack's protests, Laurie can't help investigating-opening a Pandora's box of corporate intrigue that threatens not just her livelihood, but her life with Jack as well.

Spook Country

The world we inhabit is strange and mysterious, and with the global scale and scope of modern society, provides a fertile ground for William Gibson's imagination. Spook Country is Gibson's latest novel, and is brilliant in its realization of a twenty-first century landscape. Hollis Henry is an investigative journalist for a start-up magazine that doesn't exist, and doesn't appear eager to actually start up. She's been given the task of finding Bobby Chombo, a "producer" and an enigma. In his day job, Bobby is a troubleshooter for manufacturers of military navigation equipment. He refuses to sleep in the same place twice. He meets no one.

Figure in Milgrim, a junkie hooked on prescription antianxiety drugs, and Tito, born in Cuba, who speaks fluent Russian and does delicate jobs involving information transfer, and you've got a story. Get your earphones ready and pick up the CD for Spook Country.

Hear Her Story

Read by the author, Here if You Need Me by Kate Braestrup is a humbling and inspiring memoir. Widowed with a young family, Braestrup followed her deceased husband's goal of becoming a minister, and after years of serving as a chaplain for search and rescue missions in the Maine woods, she has gathered her stories of compassion and personal evolution into Here if You Need Me. With a humorous voice and deeply insightful perspective, she lets us all share in her journey from grief to faith to happiness. Let the author tell you herself by listening to the audio book for Here if You Need Me.



Midcoast Community Read 2005

The Midcoast's choice for the 2005 Community Read is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. This is the fourth Community Read sponsered by four Midcoast libraries: Curtis Memorial Library of Brunswick, Patten Free Library of Bath, Topsham Public Library and Wiscasset Public Library.

Kick-off events Jan. 11 at each library will launch The Kite Runner’s two-month reading period, followed in March by discussion groups and related activities. A companion book for middle schoolers, Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis, examines the life of a girl in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. Recommended for young children is the picture book The Roses in My Carpet by Rukhsana Khan.

For more information on the Midcoast Community Read for 2005, please visit the Curtis Memorial Library's website.


Must-See Movies!

Readers who open this book to any page will find a major film described with a complete list of credits, an essay summarizing its story line and screen-history, and still shots of some of the film's memorable scenes. At the back of the book, both an alpha-betical index and a genre index will help readers find any film they're looking for in a hurry. Collectors of DVDs and video tapes will find this volume a must for their bookshelf, but even casual moviegoers will enjoy browsing through this big, entertaining reference book. For students of cinema, for discerning film buffs, for general moviegoers, and for readers who enjoy reminiscing over unforgettable lines of dialogue, 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. is the best place to start.


The Memory of Running

At first, Ron McLarty's The Memory of Running was only an audio book original, at least until legendary author Stephen King called it "the best book you can't read." Now, after a multi-million dollar bidding war for the publishing rights, it is finally available on the written page. The Memory of Running tells the story of Smithy Ide, a 43-year-old Vietnam veteran whose rather bland life as a supervisor at a Rhode Island toy factory is horribly shaken when he receives word of his parents' deaths in a car accident at the same time that his sister dies in the distant city of Los Angeles. Bolstered by the support of Norma, his next door neighbor, Smithy begins a bicycle trek across the country to claim the body of his sister. Full of strange and memorable characters, Smithy's journey across America is certainly full of event, and is a story that will keep you intrigued through every trial and tribulation.




Breakwater Bookland

Breakwater Bookland 91 Camden St., Suite 101
Rockland, ME 04841
207-593-9354 Phone
207-596-6518 Fax

Our second store, Breakwater Bookland, located in the newly renovated Breakwater Marketplace, opened in November, 2005. Situated right on Route 1 in Rockland, this new location features the original (and beautiful) hardwood floors, a full selection of books from every genre, magazines to suit any fancy, a complete range of cards and other gift items, a second floor with used books and a cafe with a full menu of lunch and dinner items, not to mention desserts to make your mouth water.




Thursday Next: First Among Sequels

Sometimes, once is not enough - or twice, thrice or quatrice (is that even a word?). This is one of those happy occasions. Jasper Fforde has brought the ultimate bookish heroine back for her fifth literary incarnation in Thursday Next: First Among Sequels.

It's been fourteen years since Thursday pegged out at the 1988 SuperHoop, and Friday is now a difficult sixteen year old. However, Thursday's got bigger problems. Sherlock Holmes is killed at the Rheinback Falls and his series is stopped in its tracks. And before this can be corrected, Miss Marple dies suddenly in a car accident, bringing her series to a close as well. When Thursday receives a death threat clearly intended for her written self, she realizes what's going on - there is a serial killer on the loose in the Bookworld. And that's not all - The Goliath Corporation is trying to deregulate book travel. Naturally, Thursday must travel to the outer limits of acceptable narrative possibilities to triumph against increasing odds.

From Exile to Eden

In From Eden to Exile, Eric Cline uses the tools of his trade to examine some of the most puzzling mysteries from the Hebrew Bible and, in the process, to narrate the history of ancient Israel. Combining the academic rigor that has won the respect of his peers with an accessible style that has made him a favorite with readers and students alike, he lays out each mystery, evaluates all available evidence - from established fact to arguable assumption to far-fetched leap of faith - and proposes an explanation that reconciles Scripture, science, and history.

Cline places Biblical stories in solid archaeological and historical context, debunks more than a few lunatic-fringe fantasies, and reserves judgment on ideas that cannot yet be confirmed or denied. Along the way, our most informed understanding of ancient Israel comes alive with dramatic but accurate detail in this groundbreaking, engrossing, entertaining book by one of the rising stars in the field.

Thar She Blows!

Set your rigging and put away your melancholy pistol - Eric Jay Dolin has provided us all with Leviathan: The History of Whaling in America. Beginning with a failed whaling expedition by Capt. John Smith in 1614, Leviathan chronicles the rise of a burgeoning industry - from its brutal struggles during the Revolutionary period to its golden age in the mid-1800s when a fleet of more than 700 ships hunted the seas and American whale oil lit the world, to its decline as the twentieth century dawned.

This sweeping social and economic history provides rich and often fantastic accounts of the men themselves, who mutinied, murdered, rioted, deserted, drank, scrimshawed, and recorded their experiences in journals and memoirs. Containing a wealth of naturalistic detail on whales, Leviathan is the most original and stirring history of American whaling in many decades.

Bookland's Used Book Program

Finished with the latest paperback bestseller or need to make room in your library for new ones? Brunswick Bookland and Breakwater Bookland have a solution for you! We have a used book resale program.

Gently Used Books - Half price or less!

Now you can buy used books online!!! These aren't moldy oldies, either. From John Grisham and Tom Clancy to Danielle Steel and Patricia Cornwell, the list goes on and on! All smaller, mass market editions sell for half the cover price, and larger paperbacks sell for only a third!
Check out some of what is available below, and click the link to order one of the titles. You will need to fill in a quick form to send as your order, and then you can return to browsing.

Used Books Titles Online!

We have begun listing our used book inventory on the Alibris website. You can browse our selection of used books by title, author and subject, as well as genre and many sub-categories.

Check out our Alibris profile, and find the book you've been looking for at half the price. We update the titles listed periodically through the week to account for changes in what is available, which lets us keep the online listing a fairly accurate reflection of what is currently in stock. Please check out this new option for ordering used books from Bookland!

In-Store Pickup: This new system is geared toward customers who want to have their order shipped to them. If you would prefer to pick the books up in the store, you can use the Alibris website to search our inventory and find the book you are interested in, then fill out our own order form to have the book pulled and held for you at the register area.


Gift Certificates

Need a gift for a favorite reader but don't know what they've already read? No problem! We offer gift certificates in any denomination. If you're looking for a gift certificate for someone "from away," why not try our brand spanking new Booksense gift cards, good at over a thousand independent bookstores across America! Click herefor a list of participating stores near you!


Business & School Charge Accounts

Brunswick Bookland and Breakwater Bookland offer businesses, schools, libraries and non-profit groups the ability to set up a charge account to purchase materials for their use.

Businesses who set up an account will enjoy a 20% discount on all merchandise including gift certificates when purchased for the business or school(some restrictions may apply). If your business has tax-free status, we just need to register your number in our records. Invoices are payable within 30 days.

To sign-up, you must fill out a Brunswick Bookland or Breakwater Bookland Charge Account Sheet. Some of the things we'll ask you for are accounts payable contact person, billing address, phone number, and a copy of your tax exempt or blanket exempt certificate. We also need to know if your business will be using purchase orders or not.

If you are using purchase orders, a copy of the purchase order must be present at the time of purchase. If you are not using purchase orders, we need a list of names authorized to use the account. It is the business' responsibility to update that list. We also need a letter, on company letterhead, stating that the business will honor any charges incurred by those individuals.

If your business is interested in setting up an account, please ask for Tina or Bertha.

Special Orders

Having trouble finding a book? Brunswick Bookland is happy to order any in-print title for you. Most titles are available within a week!

Maine Books

Brunswick Bookland has a wide variety of books about Maine and by Maine authors. We also feature a selection of Maine videos, music, and calendars.


Our Bookland's Best program offers a monthly selection of discounted bestsellers and store picks. We also have our discount BookClub-- buy one book at regular price, get your second book (once a month) at 25% off (of course we take the discount off the more expensive book, that's the way we would want it, after all). In addition, seniors (60+) get 15% off of everything each Tuesday!

Our Privacy Policy

The owners and staff of this bookstore consider it our responsibility to you, and to the First Amendment, to respect the privacy of your choice of books, magazines and other material. We will not sell information identifying your purchases to a third party without your permission or otherwise disclose it to anyone, including the government, on our own initiative.*

*If this bookstore is ever sold, we may give this information to the new owner. However, we will ask our successor to either maintain the current privacy policy or to give you the option of deleting your personal information.